Our Testimonials

At Hyde Syte Tactics we have some of the best customers and students in the world and have been lucky enough for some of them to say some kind words about us. Below you'll find testimonials that some of those friends have said about us. If you would like to add to our list of testimonials, Contact Us.

From Lars D. on Feb 21, 2018
"True Professionals. I am absolutely floored by the amount of knowledge and expertise they possess and willingly impart to the students. Expert instructors that provide a great training environment and pleasant atmosphere. They provide training that results in real time improvement that you can measure. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I strongly recommend them."
From Cathy P. on Feb 21, 2018
"My friends and I rented the simulator room for an 90 minutes – it was so much fun, but beyond that, we learned a lot. All of us are CCW certified, but Aaron was so patient and knowledgeable about the laws in Wisconsin and walked us through so many scenarios on the full wall simulator screen to see how we would react and then to teach the right things to do. I feel so much more confident now that I would be able to react in the right way in a situation where I might have to use my concealed carry weapon. I will definitely be going back, I love the people there, they are passionate about what they do and they really make you feel like you are the most important person in the world when they are teaching you. Hyde Syte offers so many courses to teach everything you need to know, and then they take you right over to the simulator room so you can have practical exercise practice…if you live anywhere close to Hartland, you will not find a better place to learn."
From Scott S. on Feb 21, 2018
"I just cannot believe how little time there is in an active shooter situation for one to determine if there is a weapon, intent and a delivery system then neutralize the threat…maybe 5 seconds…my head was still spinning the next day. After Trevor’s staging of several active shooter scenarios during our last training session, I came to realize that any individual who believes that they can simply get their CCW, purchase a weapon and just magically have the ability to defend themselves or their loved ones in a use of deadly force scenario is sadly mistaken. I was totally amazed at just how little time I had to identify the shooter (Aaron), his intent and verify that he was indeed armed before making the decision to neutralize him…the entire engagement took less than five seconds. Anyone who thinks they can do this without training is kidding themselves. Then after securing the scene, adding to the realism I had to explain to the first officer on scene (Trevor) what took place, as one would after a real shooting."
From Eric S. on Dec 6, 2018
"The class was phenomenal. I cannot possibly think of anything that would have made this course better. The only thing I would recommend to others taking the class is, if you don't get to shoot regularly, to go shoot a few days or a week prior to the course to knock the rust off. Wish I had done that. I liked everything we did in the course, in particular shooting from different platforms/angles, shooting while moving, and shooting from different types of cover. It was much closer to the reality we are going to be in if a rifle scenario occurs. "
From Dan J. on Feb 21, 2018
"Great place! Very friendly, second to none customer service."

Discounts Offered:

  • LEO/Military/Fire/EMS receive a 10% discount some exclusions apply.
  • FFL fee is also $35.00 for all LEO/Military/Fire/EMS.

~Psalm 59:1 Deliver me from my enemies, O God; protect me from those who rise up against me.

Notice: Firearms can only be shipped to a licensed ffl dealer.

The Four Basic Rules of Firearm Safety:

  1. Handle all firearms as if they were loaded! NEVER forget that the gun has the potential to produce serious injury or death in a single instant of carelessness. Make safe gun handling a habit to be followed at all times. After you determine a gun is unloaded, continue to handle it as though it were loaded.
  2. Always keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction! In selecting a safe direction, you must also take into consideration that a bullet can ricochet or glance off any object it strikes, and that bullets can penetrate walls, ceilings, floors and windows.
  3. Keep you finger out of the gun’s trigger guard and off the trigger until you have aligned the gun’s sights on a safe target and you have made the decision to fire! By keeping your finger completely outside the trigger guard until you have aimed at the target, you guarantee that any shots you fire will go safely in the direction of your intended target.
  4. Always be certain that your target and the surroundings area are safe before firing! Remember that a bullet can travel as much as several miles, so you should be certain of what your bullet could strike before you pull the trigger. Never fire at movement, a noise, a flash of color, or a rustling bush without positively identifying your target.